Big friendly giants: Lisa and her two Great Danes

Her Great Danes may stand as tall as us and even be double our weight, but these two canines prove that it’s possible to have hearts as big as their paws. Read about Lisa's story here.
By Pets Team
Published on Thursday, 12 November 2015

LISA HARRIS, 30s, in the tech industry

  • Ella, 6, Great Dane
  • Toby, 6, Great Dane

Of all the giant breeds, why did you choose the Great Dane?
Great Danes are incredibly kind and caring animals. I love that they are great with kids―I have two―and have short coats that are suitable for Singapore's weather. Plus, they are surprisingly low maintenance―as long as we love them and give them some cuddles every night, they are happy and satisfied.

Is there a reason why you wanted two huge dogs?
Our experience with our previous Great Dane taught us that they are very sociable. We decided on two so they could keep each other company. Toby and Ella are from different litters, but are around the same age.

With two giants that each weigh more than most of us, how much do you spend on food?
Way too much! (laughs) We feed them quality, grain-free kibble and they each go through an entire bag every month. They aren't that active though, so I think they eat less than other big dogs.

How about the poop from all that food?
Their poops are a good size, but it doesn't look like we're had elephants in our yard. We use plastic bags from the grocery store, but since they do it in the yard, we can afford to wait a few days before cleaning up