Furry followers

How hard is it to craft runway-worthy cat fur hats or balance cookies on Fido's noggin? Our furry models put several popular social media trends to the test.
By Gillian Lim
Published on Thursday, 09 March 2017

Balancing act
Although it looks difficult, this turned out to be the easiest trend to follow—thanks to patient Cody. We only used half a bag of treats! TipFor aesthetic purposes and better traction, use textured bone-shaped biscuits with a wide surface area. 

Fur fashion
Made popular by Japanese photographer Ryo Yamazaki, crafting headgear from cat fur is a lot harder than it looks. While Ryo's hats are sartorial gold, ours were a tad underwhelming. TipHoard as much shedded cat fur as you can for at least a week or two, so you'll have enough to fashion into various styles. If you have more than one kitty, keep her fur too, as contrasting colours show up better on photos. 

For more trendy photo ideas for your furkids, flip to Pet Trends (pg 12) in our Feb/Mar 2017 issue!